Greetings once more the HOLY SPIRIT LIFESTYLE is the top of the line. It's a
free choice love choice anyone can choose. For those of you that may not be
familiar there are three growth stages within the HOLY SPIRIT. Our SONSHIP
with the FATHER relates with this growth. However we will discuss in detail how
to learn and live a created daily HOLY SPIRIT LIFESTYLE schedule.
1st you can
start by praying to FATHER in CHRIST name for a private personal place to pray
You should have a regular schedule time when you pray. Use the prayer place
as often as needed outside the regular time.
Your regular pray time should be
as early in the morning as your schedule will allow.
This communication is very
much needed and necessary especially in these end day times. Remember the
HOLY SPIRIT lives within you it is unseen by the world.
2nd set aside a quiet
time schedule when you can have dinner with the HOLY SPIRIT.
As your growth
moves towards being full grown from studying. Eating the food of GOD on a
new schedule will become useful. These first two activities should become easy
as you practice and pray for strength on each. At the start you may not be able
to keep your schedule all the time. However the FATHER knows your heart your
intentions and all you do, so just practice at it until you become better at it.
select many activities that you can learn which will also be practiced between
the 1ST and 2ND schedule. As well as developing an independent SOVEREIGN  
JOB skill of your on HOLY SPIRIT directed GOD given right TALENTS!
In this
way you will be placing GOD alpha & omega at the same time your living your
life as we'll as the HOLY SPIRIT LIFESTYLE. The HOLY SPIRIT isn't a slave to
anyone or anything and neither should you be if you truly have the GOD spirit.
We know the HOLY SPIRIT teaches and leads into all truth. So for the 3rd daily
schedule pick activities and JOB skills that are pleasing to the HOLY SPIRIT
and right feeling for yourself. Most of you are still under the control of the
disobedient enemy of GOD this is the main reason why your life & lifestyle is as
it is now! So change following GOD HOLY SPIRIT and not the corrupt flesh of
man! Here are some example's of the 3rd schedule, practicing at a new
MECHANICS,CLEANING,the list goes on. Remember if your having a great deal
of stress,sadness,depression it's most likely because your holding onto, or not
letting go of whatever isn't needed! WAKEUP! All who are blind to the truth! All
who truly desire to know and have a SPIRIT & TRUTH RELATIONSHIP with the
true CREATOR of the sun,moon,stars. The GOD of the heavens and light of the
world. All who've come before him were only robbers, liars, and thieves!!!!!!!!!!
So now you know the 1st 2nd and 3rd rule for starting to live by the HOLY
If you can not read or write you need to group with a person or
persons that are known and tested to be living a life for GOD.
Five key points
for the new born.
As you can SEE now the world you live in is far from this LIFESTYLE of being
ONE Nation under GOD.
Any organization,institution,group,persons, or people
that are teaching anything contrary to GOD is a SPIRIT that should be worship
in SPIRIT and TRUTH is in fact part of the anti Christ.
Satan's goal is to remove
the ETERNAL GOD as a payback from being kicked out of HEAVEN. Satan does
this threw false teachings,deception,false prophets working threw demon MAN.

It is easier for a Camel to go threw the eye of a needle than for a rich man to
enter into HEAVEN. Satan wanted everything going his way not the way of GOD
GOD'S way of RULE is that of give. Satan way is get all for your own. This can
be seen in how MONEY is distributed in BANKING. How the RICH pay their TAX.
How CORPORATIONS are TAXED. The way of the devil cause's WAR,& GREED
demonic way that now exist that is not the way of GODS HOLY way of RULING.

That which is not doesn't, to know GOD is the beginning of knowledge, wisdom,
and understandings. To know CHRIST is to be free, to not is slavery of flesh.
That which is of the HOLY SPIRIT is not a slave of that which is of the flesh. To
love GOD  is to obey GOD to obey GOD is to know GOD the free gift of eternal
life. No one comes unto the FATHER except by CHRIST SPIRITUAL mind. He
who has the SON has the HOLY SPIRIT of the FATHER. He who have not the
SON have not the HOLY SPIRIT of the FATHER.

Only those who are experiencing this can tell you about there experience. It's
the most beautiful feeling to be in the world yet not of the world. Dwelling in the
Holy Spirit realm gives unrestricted access to all truths of the FATHER. It is this
access that gives real life to the inner soul. Without it is spiritual death and all
other categories that go with spiritual death being separated from GOD. And ye
know except a man be born of the Holy Spirit he can not enter the KINGDOM

33°,36°,39°,42° are all HIGHER HOLY SPIRIT levels.
Of newly reborn of SPIRIT MIND transformed stages. No man can come unto
the FATHER except he is reborn of the HOLY SPIRIT. You can tell this by the
person's lifestyle the type of people they socialize with and there beliefs. Who
are they worshiping with is it a for real SPIRIT and TRUTH WORSHIP! There are
other NEW BORN BABY degree stages assigned by the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD.
Just to let you in on some real knowledge of GOD. These baby stages are high
above the person who is a slave of the flesh. People who are out there serving
there master who is the devil. Will never be able to comprehend the things of
GOD. There is much more eternal knowledge avail unto the new SONS of GOD.
In case you didn't notice the HOLY SPIRIT raise in 3°,and punish in 12°. The 3 is
for FATHER,SON,SPIRIT the 12 is for disrespect of the twelve tribes this is why
he who has the SON has the HOLY SPIRIT of the FATHER. And he who has not
the SON have not the FATHER nor the HOLY SPIRIT either. We show the LORD
that we have come out of babylon first SPIRITUAL by our being born of GOD
and then the LORD will make our SPIRITUAL choice a reality by physically
bringing us out of babylon. This is basic creation the LORD GOD first decided
SPIRITUAL and then created the physical universe. At this time the LORD GOD
was to himself. As the HOLY SPIRIT guides me to write about this i can not
keep from weeping knowing how the LORD GOD was all alone to himself. JOHN
1.1 before anything else existed there was CHRIST with GOD. With hear refers
to spiritual togetherness which GOD would later manifest himself physically
within a human flesh body in a physical world .As it was then so shall it be now.
Your being born again sometimes means being to yourself. This
shows that you have truly come out of babylon and belong to the LORD GOD.
So your little so called LONELINESS in nothing to compare with the LORD GOD.
Just know your not really alone ye know GOD is a SPIRIT we relate to GOD in
SPIRIT and TRUTH by our FAITH in him. FAITH comes by hearing and hearing
by the WORD of GOD. The LORD GOD is a SPIRIT person he can talk,laugh,see
lift,move ect. However the LORD GOD is not limited to physical matter as we.
When we have been fully transformed SPIRITUALLY and physically we will not
be limited either this is the free gift of ETERNAL LIFE to know the LORD GOD.
The TRUE LIFE OF CHRIST allows you to LOVE the ways of GOD over devil
bribery devil money. Satan will offer you over a hundred trillion funny so called
happy lifestyles not one of them will consist of obeying GODS WORD. Satan
offered CHRIST all the kingdoms of his world he got threw deception killing
lying and stealing. Yet not one part consisted of doing what the FATHER wants.
Many of you today are offered many soul snatching opportunities also. Beware.
SONS has reestablished the lost established way to using power from GOD.