can be compared to the earth itself. The
earth has more water then solid land by
When you perform a preventive vehicle
car maintenance radiator flush you
perform it in a certain way. When your at
home within
the comfort of your home you don't leave
the stove or lights on all day and all night.
To not FAST is no different. Living your life
year end and year out without removing all
the toxins creates most health problems.
Our lifestyle of past choice's relates
directly to cleaning during a fast. Meaning
if you have been acting out much sin,sin
will remain in you why would the HOLY
SPIRIT clean out the toxic sin when you
have chosen it? My FASTING experience
under the guide of
the HOLY SPIRIT has taught me the basics.
The HOLY SPIRIT will sustain the FLESH.
This is one factual way to really tell if you
truly have the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD. You
should be able to FAST with a very relaxed
stomach. Your breathing should be even
more relaxed as though you've eaten a full
square meal. If this is not the case, if you
have been bless to reach 3 days without
food and your struggling on the FAST stop
this is a factual sign that you don't have
the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD within you. For if
you truly have the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD
living within you it will engage & begin to
sustain the FLESH. Some of you are still
having problems getting through the first
day of FASTING. If this is the case and you
are past 33 years of age, drop down on
your knees and cry out to the LORD GOD.
Since nothing is pure or sacred today and
GMO's are present in food today. When
you FAST use a combinations of liquids.
Water,Juice,Tea and even ORMUS. Allow
the HOLY SPIRIT to direct how to FAST! He
will guide you into the knowledge of your
own unique body speed which each of us
has but so few are totally unaware of.
No matter the amount of time you plan to
fast you always ease the body into the fast.
This is done by using lemon tea lemon
and honey. On the first few days of the fast
as you approach the fifth day it's OK if the
body says so to begin the water flushing.
The HOLY SPIRIT will tell you everything
by the way your body feels. I would not
advise anyone not full of the HOLY SPIRIT
to try an FAST for a very long time. Christ
was able to FAST 40days being full of the
HOLY SPIRIT. Many have died trying  to go
on long FAST. FASTING is a HOLY
process for those who are born of GOD.
It's for the SPIRITUAL connection as we'll
as cleaning. The ultimate goal not only
teaches the mind and body fasting. We
also learn the art of proper dieting. When
to eat and drink certain foods and liquids.
Combining small,medium,large meals into
one cycle. Enabling the body to cleanse
toxins while simultaneously balancing out.
This allows the body to know about and to
distinguish between bad & good cells.
Only the wisest of you will understand,
this is the same process that will seperate
GOD people from devil people. Holy
Spiritual people from flesh people & good
people from evil people. Time will tell. The
FASTING process takes time. You'll notice
the fowl odor as the body rids itself of the
bad cells. The body must first be able to
distinguish the bad cells from the good. As
before this process takes place over time.
If you notice a fowl odor coming from one.
It's possible they maybe FASTING. Fasting
is rest payback for all the years the heart
pumped to grow the body. FASTING CAN
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