Finally after many,many years of investigations the
real truth of 9/11/2001 is out. I personally may never
go inside a tall building because of greed. Corporate
corruption and the satanic mindset that's growing. I
have recently discovered after all these years. There
was a third building which collapsed on 9/11/01. The
YOUTUBE source reports that this third building. Of
which was called the WTC7 tower was not struck by
any aircraft. Yet this building collapsed also, source
info shows that the owner of the property who goes
by larry silverstein took out a multi billion dollar
insurance policy on the properties. Anyone with any
minor common sense can add one plus one equals 2.
This was no doubt an inside job. Done with the aid of
terrorist. It sickens me that many thousands lost life
on the account of greed corrupt people. I warn every
true worshiper to be careful who you work for. Who's
property your working on. If possible try an work on
property whom you know the owners to be server's
of GOD.
Pay close attention to the information here!!!